About Us

Today the U. S. military employs more minorities than any other U. S. institution. The U. S. military has also long been viewed as having the nation’s most diverse population of any U.S. institution.

Our focus is preserving our nation’s diverse military legacy, saluting our troops, and building wealth for the futures of hundreds of thousands of people of color and women who unselfishly serve – and have served – our country.

The founders of the divmilvet.com website are minority military veterans. In 2015 we created an online presence for the many diverse groups and organizations that support our U.S. military structure. This website is not associated with the Department of Defense; however, as military veterans we strongly support our U.S. military forces and strongly encourage military careers and educational opportunities.

The mission of this website is to educate the world about the powerful diversity that exists in our military. We also provide an up-to-date resource for news and information relative to its diversity policy and achievements. Open to all Americans, our hopes are to embrace the beauty and effectiveness of diversity not only in the U.S. military, but in every facet of American life.

All are invited to join this site as members without any cost or obligation. Members are allowed to input stories and ideas, and also to comment on any of the post or pages that appear on this website. Members will also receive our monthly e-mail newsletter which provides updates and information relating to military diversity, minority organizations, employment, transition information and special benefits for veterans.

Finally, we sincerely ask that any comments posted concerning issues and stories contained in this website be of a constructive and civil nature and not include profanity, slanderous or insulting language.

We sincerely thank you for your interest and support!

Gregory A. Black, Founder